“We” by Virtuoso Lume

(Written by Chris Vagalume aka Virtuoso Lume)

Lieing infront of the lies lie the fronts fronting before our eyes
You see… We.. We each embed our truths infinitely into infinity

The Infinite tease … We speak our beliefs into eternal space demanding space for our words’ embrace, just Incase… We.. ever cease to be

We ..

Leave behind our energy within everything within every tree within every seed we plant in the hearts and minds of men; and women in them and they in him in her in it in she and he the binary the non-binary and everything inbetween and … We

Each step each word each touch each look each twist twists this place a little different than the space it had been before our trace was left behind so rewind  so behind left was trace our look back in time and say… We

We give eachother the tools to carve our fates -lines intersecting criscrossing our  mistakes – a life saved a life ruined everyday’s high stakes stake your claim on whats yours but they’ll try to claim whats yours everyone staking eachother while their mindemons gorge! NO MORE!!! I look you right in the eyes and say … We …

Have to have the strength not to hide .. and say..


To not let the truth die we say..


Can see our flaws in mind’s eye so say..


Must not live in these lies.

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