The Story of the Journey of Our Lives

If you are reading this right now, thank you.

Thank you for allowing me a moment of your consideration, and thank you for your curiosity about this strange thing called Lifeskillpoints. No matter what you do in life, there is someone ahead of you whom you can learn from; and someone behind you who can learn from you. The goal of Lifeskillpoints is to show that connection in a way that educates and entertains.

Everybody has a story. If you’ve made it to where you can read this right now, then you’ve had to have gained experience through life to get you this far. No one will ever live the same life as you, and no one will think their thoughts quite the same way that you will. Your interests are different from those around you, your reasons have come from your personal experiences, and every choice that you make further cements who you are.

But you’re still learning. You’re still making mistakes all the time, and everday you’re tempted by whatever pride/laziness/greed/pettiness/self-esteem/ect. that holds you back from your full potential. Some days you beat it, some days you don’t…

But you’re still here, and just as your successes could give others insight on how to reach their goals, there is a lesson in your struggles that could save those you care about from making the same mistakes.

Lifeskillpoints is about our stories,

The STRENGTH we build from life’s physical challenges.

The WISDOM gained from reflecting on past mistakes.

The INTELLIGENCE gathered from studying and sharing our discoveries.

The CHARISMA required to express ourselves and influence others.

What’s it like to be a single parent? What goes on through the mind of a bus driver? Could you survive living on the streets? How does life change once you’ve become blind? Ever wonder how to discover what you’re good at? What is really happening with all these politics and how does it affect you directly? What is the day in the life of a pilot like? Do you really know how many everyday things you take for granted?

Or perhaps,

“The world around me always seems to be falling apart, what can I do?”

There’s no answers to all the questions in life, but by combining our unique experiences – telling our stories – we can turn Lifeskillpoints into a guiding light.


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