To hell with what any self-righteous abstaintee (abstainer?) says, it feels good to feel good!

What’s better than laying in bed, (maybe just a little bit inebriated) and falling asleep after a good meal with your favorite show or song playing? Spending the whole day playing a game, grinding until it’s not even fun anymore but you really want that legendary gear because of the satisfaction that comes with all the salt that erupts from everyone that lays eyes on you. Even when jobless, hell especially when jobless, sometimes a peaceful and comfortable day, surrounded by friends, with no worries could feel like all you need in the world.

But there’s a difference between fulfillment and satisfaction.

Satisfaction comes from consuming; either from our own work or from something another person (or faceless corporation) created. It is a short-term thing, and all of our time spent indulging in it makes us content with staying where we’re at.

Fulfillment comes from creating; taking something from your mind/body and putting it out into the world. It could be simple words of wisdom that helps someone grow, a creative innovation/invention, or even simply being a good parent to your future generations.

Personally, I couldn’t even write this article until I stopped, listened to some music and focused my mind off of YouTube & Xbox. Despite my best effort, I can’t help the stray thoughts nagging about how easy would it be to drop the keyboard and go suck up some good ol’ empty satisfaction for a few minutes. Enjoy my free time now and do more work later. I can think of a dozen reasons why, (and if all other excuses sound too weak, there’s always the infallible “You only live once! Tomorrow is never guaranteed.”) but instead I force myself to recognize one harsh truth: all these excuses are coming from my own self-made delusions.

I think, in our heads, everyone makes their own reality, in some way. We all like to claim we live in the “real world,” but everyone’s vision of what the real world is ends up being a little different. Everyone has their own belief of how things should and shouldn’t be, and we often impose those beliefs onto others. People who don’t think as fast as we do are dumb, people who aren’t as strong as us are weak, people who aren’t as tough as us are soft and should be stronger, and people who don’t think like we do have mental conditions.

And that’s just our beliefs on the outside world. Inside our heads is a whole other fulfillment-phobic madhouse!

For many people, much of the things we do and say are chosen by whether or not it’ll “look bad.” We’re automatically too busy for anything that may take time and effort. Most things in the world are beyond us, and nothing we say really makes a difference in anyone’s life so why bother talking to strangers in any deep meaningful way? I’ve lost count of all the times I told myself I was too busy to do something someone asked of me or get back into working out. I’ll never know how many times my pride deflected some potentially deep and meaningful knowledge someone may have given me because “I know” or I don’t like the way they talk or whatever other veil of emotional ignorance I draped myself in at the time.

We are the masters of justifying our actions, good or bad.

When we become convinced that our way is the best way, and satisfied with our way of thinking, it becomes harder to accept that our opinions could be faulty. (And it is my hope that in reading this, you consider being more open to the things you could be wrong about – or atleast looking at those things from another perspective) There’s a reason for everything we do, so when we KNOW that reason, it makes the things negative we do seem not so bad. That’s why laziness often wins over hard work and we can accept satisfaction in place of fulfillment.

… But that sweet, sweet Netflix though…

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