(Names are those who donated in support of Lifeskillpoints.)

How do I write this? What word do you use when “thank you” isn’t enough? How do I the feeling of gratitude and pride at the support Lifeskillpoints has received?

All these years, my progress has been painfully slow. I’ve been too slow to overcome my mental barriers, my inhibitions, and my obligations to those around me in order to develop Lifeskillpoints into the education platform I dreamed of. It isn’t in my nature to ask for help, but I alone couldn’t fund Lifeskillpoints, and so I expected that my ambitions would come crashing down. I told myself that I was a fool to think that -even if I did have some potentially amazing ideas- someone like me had the will to do something amazing and different.

I accepted that my light would go out under a financial burden I couldn’t maintain.

What crushed my ambitions was one simple fact: If by all this time I couldn’t put the time and effort Lifeskillpoints deserved, what makes me think that would change in the future? Everybody at one point or another in their life has a fantastic idea, but not everyone has the willpower to carry that idea to success through all the obstacles of life. I came to accept that I’d always be too inconsistent and lazy to ever become a writer, an animator, a true artist. I’d get a normal sustainable job and always be the smart guy that “could’ve been great.”

But others saw things differently.

They saw a writer who’d hit a block. They saw an artist at a crossroads. They saw a man with multiple paths ahead of him whose pride had narrowed his vision so that he could only see one road. A man who believed all his efforts until now were not enough, and would never be enough because of his history of inconsistency. Historically, he’d tried and failed with everything he did, but that unfortunate truth overshadowed another part of the artist’s life story.

A life of building amazing connections.

All over the world people donated to Lifeskillpoints. Not because they believed in the project, but because they believed in me and what I could achieve. As someone who could never ask for more than I myself am capable of providing, I was stunned at how much appreciation and support I received. You all believed in me in a time where I couldn’t find the strength to believe in myself.
But what is Lifeskillpoints? What is this strange idea you’ve all invested in? Lifeskillpoints is… Well, as of this writing it’s a cluster of articles from the unusual brain of one artist/philosopher. A poor reflection of one man’s potential.

Kind of a letdown, but what I’d like to write is…

Lifeskillpoints is an education and entertainment platform where everyone learns from everyone. Odds are you’ve lived long enough to have been tested by life; to have faced challenged that tested the things you’ve learned and forced you to find a way to survive in this world. It is also likely that someone will eventually face challenges similar to what you’ve endured, but maybe without the same kind of guidance or wisdom that you had. Everybody in the world has experienced something you haven’t, and developed their unique skills and knowledge that makes this world what it is today.

Everything around you was made by someone, something, and some place.

We survive by our strength, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma and by learning from each other’s experiences, we learn more about ourselves. What’s it like to skydive? How do you manage to be a father/mother to four kids? How do you get started on becoming a martial/artist? What is it really like to be rich? To be on the streets? How is your life different from someone your age on the other side of the world?

Through videos, articles, podcasts, forums, interviews, photography, artwork, animations and any other medium that comes to mind, with your help and the combined skills of everyone around the world, Lifeskillpoints will ignite.

From the bottom of my heart, beyond thank you.

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  1. Dante

    Bro I couldn’t be prouder of the man you have become and your drive to create a community of something bigger. As much as you doubt yourself you are an inspiration and your story is only just getting started!!!! Love big bro D

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