If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you were introduced to this site by it’s owner … me!


While there isn’t much to see just yet, it’s my hope that you can soon expect to have this site in your main rotation of “things to browse through while idly cruising the internet.” Why? Because Life Skillpoints is a movement that I hope you and everyone you know will be a part of. There’s one goal here:


To Educate and Entertain


So how do we do that? Simple. We share.

You happen to live a life that is completely unique to you. No one else will ever be you, so no one else will ever experience the things that you experience in the way that you experience them. We all have our own perspectives and mentality, and Life Skillpoints is all about sharing the things we experience in a way that benefits those around us.


Everyone Learns from Everyone


Facebook, YouTube, Vine, WorldStar… All these sites are amusing, and can even be educational, but are so cluttered with a little-bit-of-everything that you never know what you’ll run into. Lifeskillpoints is meant for quality posts that have the intention of influencing whoever sees it for the better. It could be writing, videos, or even podcasts as long as there is positive energy to spread. This site isn’t about popularity. It isn’t about views. It’s about connecting people around the world around common experiences. It’s about having a place where you can express your thoughts and emotions without judgement. Where you can ponder on the choices you’ve made with people who’ve had to make those same choices…


So please, subscribe and lend me just a bit of your patience. When you next check back, I hope to treat you to something amazing.





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